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The shipping industry as "very low ice"


The shipping industry as "very low ice"

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Xinhua Beijing on December 1, (reporter jizhongxi) chairman of COSCO Group Zehua recently said that by the impact of the macroeconomic environment, President of the shipping time keep running low, short-term see no signs of easing, enterprises must learn to adapt to the shipping "new normal".
Zehua when accepting a reporter to interview is expected, due to the capacity of a persistent surplus, coupled with weak demand, the world shipping industry over the next two years will continue to slump. Despite the gradual recovery of the U.S. economy, the European debt crisis has improved, but the shipping industry outlook will still face challenges.
He said that currently global shipping company existing new ship orders has exceeded 10% of current global fleet size, and the fleet has a surplus, indicating that excess capacity will continue to cause stress to the freight.
Ma Zehua said the new economic normality, will create a new normal shipping ". Now the shipping market is more like a continuous cold "polar ice", enterprises "heating" long period.
He pointed out that the current super low-cost competition will become the strategic business of shipping profits of the normal. 2008 so far, the low cost is no longer a short-term strategy for shipping companies, but to cope with the downturn in the market, life-saving straw ". Slow sailing, ship large-scale, form alliances and other low-cost approach has become the industry mainstream.
Resources and internal integration will become the shipping market competing normal. In recent years, various alliances and associates have emerged, in the continuous low level of the market, the consortium in the centralized control and utilization of transport capacity is more favorable.
Enterprise cross-border integration of shipping industry will become the norm. At present, the shipping market become more diversified, in addition to the traditional owners and shippers, finance, ports, leasing, shipyard, investment companies and other; owner's role more.
Service mode innovation will become the marketing of winning customers. Many enterprises in route design, quasi class rate, service tools, marketing mode and so on to make a change, and strive to improve the quality of service through innovation.
COSCO Group Director, general manager Li Yunpeng said that shipping is a internationalization features is very clear in the industry and customers demand distribution of internationalization, it is bound to service to the owners of the proposed requirements of increasingly high.
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