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Do a powerful enterprise integration of industry chain of Zhoushan shipbuilding industry dense willow trees and bright flowers


Do a powerful enterprise integration of industry chain of Zhoushan shipbuilding industry dense willow trees and bright flowers

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Zhejiang Online on December 02 news (Zhejiang Daily reporter Chen Wenwen Zhang Pinfang) Zhoushan Liuheng Island, sea breeze in winter with cold, stretches 4 km of coastline on the edge of a piece of busy, modification, ship repair, shipbuilding areas... A tinkling sound can be heard without end. In this small island known as the shipbuilding, a year ago the loss of the ship enterprise employees have come back, has been restored to its peak size.
  From the shortage of orders to the production plan for two years, from the difficulty of financing to the banking site service, from the look at the face of the owner to the owner to help deliver...... More and more signs show that after the bitter experience of the industry downturn, Zhoushan shipbuilding enterprises is to expose transformation after the upgrade of the new atmosphere. In January this year to 10 months, Zhoushan shipbuilding industry realize output value of 673 million yuan, an increase of 15.1%; new orders 612 million deadweight tons, an increase of 17.5%; orders on hand 2008 million deadweight tons, an increase of 16.3%, shipbuilding three indicators accounted for 13% of the national market share.
  The new weather comes from the tune structure. In September this year, State Ministry released first "ship industry standard conditions" list of enterprises, the industry for shipbuilding industry "white list" finalists. The finalists 50, which Zhoushan occupy six seats, the prefecture level city in the number of finalists most. Even in the most intense price war, the 6 leading companies are still trying to increase investment, improve innovation ability." Zhoushan by the letter of the relevant person in charge of the letter.
  "White list" Zengzhou shipbuilding, in order to improve the production rate of NC, invested more than 200 million yuan in the development of a new production line; Changhong international, in cooperation with the Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd., enhance enterprise production management level; positive and shipbuilding, gradually reduce the common bulk cargo ship manufacturing proportion, and independent design and development of green ship, by the market's favor.
  In November, the Zhoushan Commission issued a letter on promoting the modern shipbuilding mode of building guidance, focus on the white list ship enterprise to build a modern shipyard. Support for enterprise integration and restructuring, the formation of industrial integration, and promote fine shipbuilding, green shipbuilding, and promote collaborative manufacturing, improve the supporting capacity. Some of the ship enterprises in the transition of high-end mainstream ship, some of the transformation of marine equipment, some of the transition special ship, enriched the product structure. At the same time, guide small and medium enterprises to move closer to large enterprises, and promote the ship industry chain horizontal and vertical cooperation.
The industry concentration of the ship industry in Zhoushan is gradually improving, and the order of the shipbuilding enterprises has the differentiation tendency.. Zhoushan is on a number of difficult business and shipbuilding enterprises and in the construction of the project to restructure. Such as Daishan County of area of shipbuilding enterprise of integration of resources, forming three blocks for foreign investment, has contributed to Europe and China Shipbuilding introduced project of shipbuilding industry venture capital fund strategic investment, water group acquisition construction of offshore fishing ship building and repairing base etc..
  Enterprise to accelerate the transfer, the government to push. Zhoushan to the "white list" enterprises implement "one enterprise, one policy", has introduced the "on further promote the healthy development of the shipbuilding industry in a number of opinions", help enterprises to implement machine substitution, and financial institutions to carry out its face to face communication, efforts to solve the difficulties and problems existing in the enterprise financing.
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