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China container ship in Japan Sea fault drifting for 10 minutes


China container ship in Japan Sea fault drifting for 10 minutes

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The picture is a Chinese ship of accident..
  According to Japan, "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported, local time on the 26th at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, located in Japan's northern city, Kyushu and Yamaguchi Shimonoseki City between the Kanmon Strait waters, a ship carrying 21 crew members of Chinese nationality container ship appear engine fault, that can not be normal navigation, within 10 minutes of drifting 1.2 km.
According to reports, ships after a fault occurs, the members of the board then several whistled, attracting attention of our door maritime security department staff 2 kilometers away. The Department immediately dispatched 5 patrol boats to rescue the ship near the accident.
Analysis reported that although to ships and other vessels collision, but Japan's maritime security department think the ship status "dangerous", it is possible to cause "accidents", successively using ropes and anchor the wrecked ship is fixed. The captain of the ship said it was the engine of the problem.
According to the Secretary for the Ministry of maritime security revealed that the scene of the accident scene from the frequent daily vessels, about 550 vessels passing through a day. In view of the incident when the scene to the ship less, there is no accident, but at a speed of 15 kilometers of the situation, did not accident or lucky.
It is understood that the Chinese ships on the 23rd of this month from Shanghai starting, original plan recently in Moji District of Kitakyushu, Japan Katana Pu container dock dock.
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